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Circus First Birthday Party

If you've ever felt like your home is a 3-ring circus, here's your chance to have fun with it. Create a mini circus in your yard or a nearby park.

Party Invitations

Make the invitation in the shape of a big top circus tent with flaps that open to reveal invitation. Or with a clown, ringleader or lion tamer and call your party the "Greatest Show on Earth". Have guests bring wagons and ride-on cars for the "parade".

Fun Decorations

Decorate the party area with brightly colored streamers and balloons. Display stuffed animals. Make funny paper clown faces and tape to windows. Play festive music.

Fun Games & Activities

Provide clay and some animal shaped cookie cutters for children to play with. Make a bean bag or coin drop.Make a pin the nose on the clown or pin the trunk on the elephant game.

Have an artistic friend do facepainting or apply temporary tattoos. Take Polariod pictures of guests with their face art. If you budget allows, hire a clown who makes balloon animals and hats.

Buy a pull string pinata in the shape of a circus animal or a big colorful star. Decorate wagons and ride-on cars and have a circus parade around the block.

Fun Foods

Serve peanut butter or cream cheese sandwiches, animal crackers, and assorted fruit. For dessert decorate cupckes with sprinkles or an animal cracker or make clown cupcakes.

Fun Favors

Give guests a favor bag with animal crackers and blowing bubbles and send each guest home with a helium balloon.